About me

I am Marie Dumonceau, a french interior designer and i have been living in Catalunya for 10 years.

Since childhood, I have always lived within houses in constructions. My mother was impassioned of restoring houses, She has restored many of our own while moving, as we have moved quite often. We have lived in old houses where my mother was always looking after the smallest details of restoration, objects with a history and a past, she found joy in using high quality materials as oaky parquet from antics trains wagons. My family circle includes also an architect sister and an interior designer sister both living in paris. 

I Have been restoring several places during the years. for instance, A bar in Paris, a country house in Baldosas de barro southern France, a 17th century rectory in Ampordan, and a restaurant in Girona, northern Spain.

I love old buildings and specially the local catalan architecture. The houses are all very different, even if the structure is one, the shape is never the same though it is made by this same local white yellow stone which gives the hole a very charming and warm aspect.

I work with natural-raws materials because they are locally made and they can be perfectly adapted to those houses giving them an in-warm and a peaceful feeling.

I always start with a good observation of the space, to check its negative points and visualise its best potential optimisation. I like a lot projecting futures transformations and then realising them following the client’s vision as I do insist on the importance of well combining colors and associating them with the rest of the elements as textures like lime, plaster, micro-cement.

I like to give texture to walls, that it could be with shapes and not plane, alive, with movements !

I often use a certain cement floors from Morocco, which has lots of splendid drawings and colours that when its well polished, it looks very comfortable to the eye as fresh in summer.

I also do manage searching for specific furnitures and purchasing them, taking in mind details and the client’s style and wishes.

Mine is more vintage hyppie chic, antique. Every single peace of furniture not only needs to find its best place within the space giving, but also combines well with the other peaces for a harmonised environment.

I tend to go the opposite way of cold spaces strict and stark, creating personal and intimate places, to fell really at home, warm, peaceful and happy serenity.